Union ´99 Ultrà Salzburg is one of the leading supporters clubs of Austria Salzburg. Our supporter club was founded in 1999 during a time, when people were fed up with Salzburg´s supporters scene and its development. Most people were not happy with what was going on on Lehen´s terraces. Various fans who were all fascinated by the Italian Ultrà-movement met and decided that something has to be done about Lehen´s lack of atmosphere. A new supporters club was founded: Union ´99 Ultrà Salzburg.
Our aim is to bring back the famous atmosphere of Lehen - on an audio but also on a visual level and to support our team always and everywhere. We wanted to organize choreographies and shows in the same way as Italian Ultras. Thus the name "Ultrà".

We have a great friendship to Ultras Barletta from South Italy, unfortunately their team is doing very bad in the Italian championship - the former Serie B - squad is now playing in low leagues of Serie D!